Musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus, has asked actress Efia Odo and the #FixTheCountry conveners to ready their minds for a meeting with former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to him, he doesn’t believe in the idea that the FixTheCountry campaign can be solidified without any political backing.

A Plus explained that though Mr Mahama will benefit from the campaign, it is apt to invite the National Democractic Congress (NDC) to know how they will move the country forward.

Speaking in a live video on Facebook, A Plus said the incumbent won’t listen to their demands, hence liaising with the opposition will give them the leverage to make demands that will move their campaign further.


Efia Odo should sit down with John Mahama. They need to give him their demands because he will benefit from the fix the country. No matter what, all their doings are favouring the opposition party.

They have to meet Mahama and tell him what they want if he should win power in 2024. They should demand seats in parliament to represent the people. So they can form part of the decision-making process.

NDC must sponsor the fix the country…, the youth must make demands… if you don’t sit down with him how do you make demands? He queried.

Watch the video below: