There are times when sweating is excessive and abnormal.

Sweating is a normal and necessary human function because there are three million sweat glands in the human body.

Sweating is normal:

1. During a sunny day or after exercising, it is normal to sweat. It is a way your body cools down.

2. During stressful activities like sex, it is normal to sweat.

When you are attracted to someone sexually you are more likely to sweat. Sexual attraction stimulates the apocrine glands which cause people to sweat more.

3. Eating hot and spicy food can also cause you to sweat.

4. When you are anxious and stressed, you are likely to sweat.

The most common areas where humans sweat are the soles of their feet, palms, armpits, forehead, and back.

You should be suspicious if you start sweating on your lips, hair, and nails.

When is sweating abnormal?

Hyperhidrosis is the condition that makes you sweat abnormally, and it occurs when your nerves malfunction.

It is abnormal when you sweat in these situations;

1. If you are not engaged in an activity that normally causes sweating and you are sweating that is a red flag.

2. When you are sweating at times you shouldn’t be; like on a cool night.

3. When you are sweating in places that you do not ordinarily sweat.

4. When the sweat has a suspicious odour.

How to control sweating

1. Antiperspirants

2. Regular bathing

3. Relaxing and meditation

4. Avoid spicy food

5. Wearing breathable and light clothes

6. Using antibacterial soaps

7. See a doctor if it is uncontrollable