Wendy Shay, mother hawk 'pure water' on the street

Self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana Music, Wendy Shay, has taken her hustle from the studios to the street as she sells ‘pure water’.

She was in the company of her mother, Obaapa Kaakyire Addo who was also hawking food.

The act was to promote her latest single, Heat, a song that portrays the daily struggles of the ordinary Ghanaian.

In participation of the trend, Wendy Shay and her mother stormed the street in a foreign country to hawk.

They were discussing their hustle while borrowing words from the song which has since garnered close to 500,000 views on Youtube.


In another instance, they also represented garbage collectors who were complaining of their low source of income.

For the same purpose, Wendy Shay initially dropped her celebrity status to enjoy roadside beans and plantain.

Watch video below: