All the second year students of a vocational school in the Upper West regional capital Wa, who ganged up and beat up the school’s principal and bursar have been sent home.

With the support of the first year students, the second year students of Issa Youth Leadership Training Institute started a demonstration on Friday over the poor quality of their food.

They reportedly tied up the bursar and beat him up before attacking the principal of the school.

Sources close to the school indicate that before the assault on the principal and bursar, there had been swelling anger among the students over the quality of food served to them in the dining hall.

After the attack, most of the students fled the school, while the bursar, Bismark Amponsah was rushed to a nearby clinic and later transferred to the Wa Regional Hospital.

There were calls for the school to be shut down, however, the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District Security Council decided that it would be best to send the students home.

“We met yesterday…we said that they should all go home and come back with their parents or their guardians,” explains Wa Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Stephen Ngissah.

He said the first year students were however asked to remain on the school premises after they complained they would not be able to pay for their transportation back home.