Veteran Kumawood movie director, Frank Fiifi Gharbin, has revealed that most Kumawood producers don’t write professional scripts to make their movies.

According to him, most producers, instead of hiring professional scriptwriters for their movies, depend on dreams to shoot a movie.

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In an interview with, he explained that scripts determine the outcome of a movie hence producers who fail to follow the required practice may produce substandard products.

“In filmmaking, the most important thing is the script. Before you go on set, your target should be your script. The script determines the outcome; so if the story isn’t good, the outcome will be bad. We should have professional scriptwriters but most producers don’t employ professional scriptwriters. Some just eat Banku and tilapia, sleep and wake up the following day, implementing what they saw in their dreams,” he said.

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Asked why most of the producers fail to engage professional writers, Fiifi Gharbin said: “This is because of monetary issues. Writing is mind-engaging; It’s a sequential arrangement of events that need experts but in most cases, the experts are expensive so they [producers] prefer to do it anyhow”.