Stephanie Benson doing a stretch workout

Actress and musician, Stephanie Benson, 50, has shown her fitness level through acrobatic exercises to the amazement of her fans.

The woman has on many platforms said that her secret to looking fresh is daily exercise and eating healthy.

As fit as a fiddle with enough energy to spare, she posted the video on instagram, showcasing her legs-up-head-down acrobatic stretch.

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She posted the video and captioned it:

“Are you one of those who gets a back pain after an exciting workout in the bedroom?. Or is it hard to manoeuvre into an awkward position with your partner because your muscles have seized up from unexercised old bones? 😝 Did you do your stretches today? Well get on with it before some young flexible Totty gets your man. 😆 #morningexercise.”

Watch the video below:

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