obama and trump
President Barack Obama and Donald Trump

United States (US) musicians and actors decided to celebrate former President Barack Obama on June 14.

On the very same day, the country’s current President Donald Trump celebrated his 74th birthday.

Instead of wishing President Trump a happy birthday, thousands of social media users declared the day #ObamaAppreciationDay in honour of Mr Obama.

Mariah Carey tweeted a photo of herself beaming with smiles alongside the former president and the First Lady, Michelle.

She captioned her post: “Happy #ObamaAppreciationDay!!”

Ciara shared a sepia-toned photo of herself shaking the former president’s hand as her husband, Russell Wilson, stood next to her. She captioned her post: “Thank you. #ObamaDay.”

Rapper 50 Cent shared a photo of Mr Obama while he was busy on a call in his office.

He posted this Instagram: “Happy, wait today is Obama day?”

Actress Amber Patrice Riley shared a mural of the former US leader. She wrote: “Happy Obama Day! I miss you @BarackObama! I miss your leadership and your dad jokes lol. Our country will never see a more swagged-out President!”

Actor Billy Baldwin also joined in and took a jibe at President Trump. Billy tweeted: “Happy we’re gonna have a new president who’s gonna heal and unite the country again after all of the damage, insanity and chaos inflicted by Trump… Day!!!”