Kanye has vowed to run again

Kanye West was able to win at least 50,000 votes in the nail-biting US presidential election 2020.

Although the 43-year-old rapper has already thrown in the towel on his presidential bid, Kanye did receive votes in the 12 ballots that he appeared on.

Despite his ill-fated run for president alongside Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Kanye has already vowed to run in 2024.

Kanye had amassed 50,000 votes from US voters across the country, according preliminary tallies across the country.

However, the Yeezy designer failed to make a large enough dent in any of the election races and has since admitted defeat.

Of the states that Kanye did run in, his largest voter turnout appeared to be in Tennessee where he received 10,195 votes. The state was eventually won by Republican incumbent Donald Trump.

In Colorado, Kanye also won 6,210 votes but the state eventually went to Joe Biden.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kanye also announced that he was voting in the presidential election for the first time – and that he would be casting the vote for himself.