The Upper West Regional Security Council is on high alert due to the growing trend of insecurity that has resulted in a number of murder cases and the disappearance of people in the region.

Describing the incidents as worrying in a statement on Thursday the Regional Security Council noted that the issues have left many residents in fear; hence, the need for stakeholders to end it as soon as possible.

“While investigations on these worrying incidents are ongoing, the Upper West Regional Security Council has authorised increased cooperation and collaboration among the intelligence agencies and seeks to deepen engagement with inhabitants within the municipality in line with contemporary security practices.

“Hence, we are calling on all people to be more observant and vigilant and to draw the attention of the police, other security agencies and local community leaders immediate they observe anything out of the ordinary,” the statement signed by the Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Salih, directed.

Among other measures outlined, residents of the region have been asked to volunteer information on suspicious persons within their areas for appropriate actions that will help to put a stop to the unfortunate incidents.

Below are the measures/strategies:

  • Unregistered motorcycles within the Wa Municipality shall be arrested and prosecuted.
  • The Regional Security Council encourages the formation of Community Neighbourhood Watchdog Committees with the aid of the Assembly Members within their respective jurisdiction and under the supervision of the Ghana Police Service. The members of these watchdog committees shall be profiled, trained and licensed by the Ghana Police Service to avoid abuse of the system.
  • Landlords within the municipality must inspect resident permits of tenants not of Ghanaian origin. The municipal assembly must invite all landlords to a meeting. It is unacceptable for any landlord to rent accommodation to a tenant without knowing the tenant’s background. It is against the law to allow as many as five people in a single room.
  • The Ghana Immigration Service and the Wa Municipal Assembly must take an inventory of all hotels and guest houses within the municipality.
  • The police command must intensity police patrols and visibility in the municipality.
  • All tricycles must halt movement or operations within the municipality at 9 pm and resume operations at 5 am.
  • All institutions and workplaces are encouraged to install CCTV cameras within their compounds and improve their lighting.
  • The Ghana Immigration Service should furnish the Wa Municipal Assembly with updated information on all registered foreigners residing and doing business in the municipality.
  • The public is encouraged to provide security agencies with vital information to help unravel these unfortunate incidents.

Meanwhile, persons who have any information on recent murders and disappearances have been encouraged to contact the nearest police station or security agency.