The University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC-IJ) in a bid to strengthen research and funding opportunities for staff and faculty will organize a grant writing workshop on February 2nd 2024.

The workshop is scheduled to take place online and is open to all faculty and staff of the university.

The event is being organised by the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Development (DRID) of the University.

According to Dr. Etse Sikanku, Director of UniMAC-DRID, grant writing constitutes one of the major aspects of researchers as they seek external funding to undertake their research tasks, however many researchers are limited in their abilities to write winning grant proposals.

He said the workshop will bring faculty and staff up to speed with various elements and strategy embedded in the grant writing process.

The resource person for the event will be Professor Akosua Darkwa, an Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Information and Communication studies, at the University of Ghana with vast expertise in the area of grant and funding proposal writing.

This initiative aligns with UniMAC-DRID’s commitment to nurturing a research-centric environment and fostering professional growth in the academic community.