A set of twin brothers have transcended from sharing the same birthdays and properties to sharing one wife.

The identical twins have wedded a Rwandan woman identified as Marie Joisane, who shared the interesting love story with Afrimax TV.

According to her, she first dated the elder twin who never disclosed to her that he had an identical brother.

Marie added that despite visiting him occasionally, she had never met any relation in his home, talkless of a twin brother.

Their solo relationship continued until she ran into the younger brother, mistaking him for the ‘love of her life’.

After exchanging contact for the first time, to frequent long phone calls and series of sexual escapades, their worst fear was confirmed.

During one of their strolls, the duo ran into the elder twin where a look of confusion took over the atmosphere.

Elders were notified of the love triangle and they were presented with the ideal solution; one of the brothers must give up on Maria.

However, they told Afrimax TV that “we both love her so much that none of us was willing to opt out so we had to go for the only remaining option, polyandry”.

The woman also revealed that hate or envy does not exist between the two brothers due to the fact that they came to an agreement.

Though they did not mention their sexual calendar, they revealed that they have been cohabiting peacefully under the same roof for the past two years.

“We are living our best life ever and we do not care about the critics in our community,” they claimed.

Marie is expecting her first child soon, and surprisingly she does not know who the actual father is, since she is yet to differentiate between the twin brothers.

On how she copes with them, Maria said the brothers wear the same clothes, have the same engineering and farming job and sound the same so, to her, she is literally with one husband.