A transgender male has been convicted of assault for using a specially made prosthetic manhood to have sex with three ladies without their knowledge, while pretending he was originally born a man.

Tarjit Singh, 32, who was born a biological female named Hannah Walters, assaulted the victims between June 2010 and March 2016.

During the course of the relationship those years, Singh insisted on having sex in the dark and keep clothes on so they don’t notice the strap on the prosthetic penis.

When the victims began to ask questions, Singh became abusive and manipulative, telling one woman there was ‘more to a relationship than sex’ and that she should learn to talk about her feelings more.

Following a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Singh was today convicted of three counts of assault by penetration, six counts of assault, and one count of making a threat to k!ll. 

One victim said: ‘He looked like a guy, he acted like a guy.’

The victim said she found out that the defendant was not a man after finding his strap-on prosthetic penis some months into their relationship.

She told police officers that she felt ‘so stupid’ that she had fallen for such lies.

The third victim met Singh after receiving a message from the dating website Plenty of Fish in 2014.

He was caught after this relationship became abusive and the victim made a complaint to police.

During the trial, the prosecution was able to present mobile phone evidence that showed a history of websites visited by Singh, which included a company that makes ultra-realistic prosthetic penses.

Melissa Garner, from the CPS, said:

‘These victims have been deceived, betrayed and lied to in the most disturbing and traumatic of ways.

‘One of the victims was just 16 years old when she met the defendant.

‘Tarjit Singh, who was born as Hannah Walters, presented himself as a man, wore men’s clothing, and used a man’s name.

‘He tricked three innocent women into believing he was male and when questioned, he violently attacked them and intimidated them into continuing relationships.

‘Singh has never admitted his crimes and has continued to claim that these victims were aware of his gender.’