Nicole Thea

Barely 24 hours after YouTube star, Nicole Thea, was laid to rest, her mother has delivered a touching tribute.

She recalled how her once loving and joyful daughter has been reduced to nothing after the cold hands of death touched her.

“You will always be loved and remembered for the joy you brought me,” was one of the lines Nani used in disclosing how she misses Nicole dearly.

She prayed for the angels to keep her safe in their bossom until they meet again in the near future.

It was a day of mourning for family and lover of pregnant YouTube star, Nicole Thea, as she was finally laid to rest.

The energetic 24-year-old dancer died in the early hours of July 11, after suffering what her family described as a ‘massive heart attack’.

Barely two months after her death, she together with her eight-month-old unborn baby, were buried at The Church City of London cemetary.

Emotional scenes from her arrival to the funeral grounds to the lowering of the mortal remains into a hearse for burial was shared by one of the attendees.

The mourners, clad in a touch of pink; as requested by the family in memory of Nicole, were seen sobbing as the woven wooden basket containing the mortal remains was brought before them.

The highlight of the event was Nicole’s lover, Ghanaian dancer, Global Boga kneeling in front of the casket to have a final conversation with his deceased family.

A day after the burial, Nicole’s mother took over her Instagram page and delivered a touching tribute to reveal their emptiness.