‘Time with Maame Grace’, your Christian motivational and inspirational show, is set for its Sunday and Wednesday broadcasts on Adom TV and Adom 106.3 FM respectively for the year 2021.

Producers of the show, Global Eagle Revival Outreach Ministries, founded by Lady Rev Maame Grace, have promised an impactful show.

The show will be aired at 3:30 am on Wednesdays on Adom 106.3 FM and at 6:00 am on Sundays on Adom TV.

The show, which moves into its third season — after it was launched four years ago – brings words of encouragement, teaching, rebuking, correction, training in righteousness and support to many.


The ministry is characterised by salvation and the truth of God’s word to transform and prepare the lost souls for the second coming of Jesus.

“We have dedicated ourselves to bring messages of the gospel to uplift and push God’s people to their higher selves in this abnormal times of a pandemic,” Maame Grace, host of the show said on Adom TV.

The show will also stream every Sunday at 6:am on YouTube (Maame Grace) for Ghanaians outside the country to be a part of it.

Maame Grace is a preacher, a philanthropist, businesswoman and author of the book, ‘Exposure and Attraction.’

She is a mother of six and president of the Global Eagle Revival Outreach Ministries.

Connect with Maame Grace through Instagram (@MaameGraceGH, Gerom2020)