Ghanaian gospel artiste Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong is still livid at Daddy Lumba for not giving him his share of the proceeds from their collaboration on the album ‘Hosanna.’
He told Delay on the Delays Show in an interview on GH One TV over the weekend that he would take his share of the proceeds from their album launch and music sales wherever he met Daddy Lumba.
“Wherever I meet Lumba I will take my money. I will not be hypocritical to pretend I wasn’t bitter about what he did. I have moved on but I will collect my money from him,” he said.
With the bad experience he had with Daddy Lumba he said he would never do collaboration with any artiste again, adding that he wrote all the songs on the ‘Hosanna’ album and would not allow anybody to benefit from his sweat.
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Background to the Lumba – Ampong Rift
In 2015, Great Ampong decided to do a collaborative album with the legendary Daddy Lumba so he approached him with the idea and Lumba agreed to do it. They worked with the name Kwadwo Kwadwo.
According too Ampong, they had an agreement that he (Ampong) would take 40 % and Lumba 60 % from whatever money came out of their project.
After the launch, Daddy Lumba refused to give Ampong his share of the proceeds and that has been the source of the rancour.
For some music fans, this is not the first time Great Ampong has intimated that he would take his money from Daddy Lumba. However, Daddy Lumba has been quiet on the matter since it came up.