File photo: Crime

In a bizarre and somewhat comical incident, a daring burglar’s criminal escapade took an unexpected turn after he was busted at the crime scene.

The hapless culprit, identified as Dickson Simango (28) broke into a local sports bar, drank 3 bottles of whiskey and ended up unconscious at the scene of the crime.

He now faces the consequences of his ill-advised actions after being convicted and sentenced by a Magistrates’ Court for unlawful entry charges.

Under the cover of darkness, Simango broke into the popular watering hole, Nyamhuka 2, by skillfully removing an asbestos sheet and a portion of the ceiling.

Once inside, he couldn’t resist the allure of the establishment’s well-stocked bar.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, the audacious thief consumed an astonishing three 750ml bottles of whiskey, leaving a trail of emptied bottles in his wake.

Not content with merely quenching his thirst, Simango also devoured two 250-gram tins of beef.

However, the burglar’s gluttonous spree soon took its toll as the potent combination of spirits and stolen sustenance took hold. Overwhelmed by the alcohol, Simango succumbed to a deep slumber, completely unaware of the predicament awaiting him.

The next morning, as the sun dawned on the scene of the crime, the unsuspecting bar owner arrived to discover an unexpected sight. There, amidst the remnants of his pilfered goods, lay Simango, sprawled out and oblivious to his surroundings.

The shocked shop owner wasted no time alerting the authorities, who promptly arrested the incapacitated intruder. The stolen items, valued at a total of USD$266.80, were partially recovered, with USD$83.50 worth of goods being reclaimed.

During the court proceedings, Simango’s fate was sealed. The judge handed down a sentence of 12 months imprisonment, with three months suspended on the condition of good behaviour.

In addition, one month of the remaining sentence was suspended, provided Simango repays USD 83.30 in restitution. Ultimately, the burglar will serve eight months behind bars.