The Deputy Minister for Agriculture has dismissed claims that the country is faced with a food crisis.

Mr Yaw Frimpong Addo speaking on JoyNews on Wednesday admitted that currently there is a shortage of foodstuff on the market, however, that should not raise an alarm as this is the trend during the planting season.

“Food shortage, yes, but we don’t have a food crisis. I’m telling you that during the planting season every year, it has been like this. Just that this year because of Covid-19 and fertilizer production, everything about fertilizer (things have been intense).”

Interacting with Evans Mensah on PM Express on the topic of averting food crisis, Mr Frimpong Addo noted that despite the adverse effects of the pandemic and the low supply of fertiliser, Ghana was able to withstand the shock due to the Planting for Food and Jobs programme established by the government.

He insisted that matters of food security would have been worse and the country would have joined others seeking support if not for the programme.

“Go to our neighbouring countries and see how they are suffering under Covid-19 in agriculture. We are even fortunate and they even had to come to Ghana and take some foodstuffs away.

Deputy Agric Minister – Yaw Frimpong Addo

“We have done so well with the Planting for Food and Jobs. That has saved the situation. That is why we are talking this way. Otherwise, we would also be in the same soup as they are.”

He, therefore, urged that “let’s count our blessings and reduce this pessimistic thing about hunger.”

“We are not going to experience any hunger in the country, that I can assure you,” he stressed.

His comments come as a response to concerns raised by some experts in the agriculture industry.


The Peasant Farmers Association has predicted a food shortage next year due to challenges with accessing fertilizers and the exportation of some food products to neighbouring countries.

Experts in the Agricultural industry have therefore advised the government to store enough food this year.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture says he is optimistic there would be good harvest this year during the harvest period.

He attributed such good fortune to the good weather the country has experienced since June this year.

“During the second half of the year, the rainfall pattern has been good. I am very sure that the farmers are going to get a good harvest. It may not be at the level of last year or two years but they are going to get a good harvest because the weather has been good.

“Because of that, I am very confident that overall, we will get a good harvest,” he stated.

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