Entertainment pundit at Hitz FM and chairman of Songwriters Association of Ghana, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr Logic, says there is no Heaven after one’s demise.

According to him, Africans have been brainwashed to believe that when one dies, there is a spiritual golden city awaiting them in a place called Heaven.

The Red Panther Music CEO said unlike whites who believe Heaven is right here on earth, black people find it difficult to believe there is no life after death.

Per Mr Logic, the soul in the human body will go back to the maker, adding that, there is no way you can enjoy after death.

Yes your soul will go to the maker but there is no street of gold so people should be allowed to live their fullness of life here on earth. That is how the whites think. They have built the heaven around their lifestyles thus you live your heavenly life and when you are dead you are gone.

He further explained that the Heaven ideology forms part of the reasons why politicians show apathetic concerns towards development in the continent.

But in Africa, people are waiting to die and go to heaven so the leaders have left us with no support and poverty… all in the quest that when you die you go to Heaven to enjoy.

There is no Heaven anywhere. if you are not a spiritualist, you won’t understand. The soul goes somewhere but the soul you cannot see so how do you even justify. There is no where you can go and call souls back to life, he said.