The Medical Laboratory Professional Workers’ Union (MELPWU) spokesperson, Victor Obeng Ofori, has stated that the strike will continue until the government addresses their grievances.

In a statement by MELPWU on June 7, the union expressed concern over the prolonged delay in concluding negotiations and the lack of financial clearance for non-mechanized members.

The union argued that, such actions undermine the labour-management relationship and necessitate decisive action.

In an interview with Adom News, Mr Obeng said government has been unfair and unresponsive to their demands, despite being notified two weeks ago.

According to him, had the government been serious about resolving these issues, it would have intervened earlier, preventing the current crisis.

“We believe the government has not been fair to us. If they listen to us and agree to our conditions, we will call off the strike today,” he said.

Mr Obeng noted that the Ministry of Health has been aware of these issues from the start, yet it appears as if they are unaware of the ongoing situation.

He expressed his confusion at their apparent lack of action.

“To us, we believe that the government have not been fair to us. If the government agrees to listen and agree to our conditions we will call off the strike today.

“Firstly, the conditions of service that enhance our motivation to perform well, such as financial support, we require clearance from the finance ministry to hire more staff to increase our number because some of our workers have travelled outside the country, others have retired and so on.

“If the government had wanted to resolve these issues, it should have intervened earlier, preventing the situation from reaching its current state,” the MELPWU spokesperson told Adom News.