In every human being, there is an element of talent. It is one activity that obviously draws attention to the eye or ear. Talent competitions across the world have received massive responses by all standards.

It is against this background that Ghana’s leading entertainment platform, Adom TV, has considered a 13-week seasonal all-round talent competition through individual ‘little people’ performances.

The Big Talent show is a 90-minute weekly performance that will run consecutively for a period of 13 weeks on Sunday evenings.

The first episode of The Big Talent will take the form of a mini launch to introduce the contestants officially to viewers and also to allow stakeholders and sponsors to share a word.

Contestants will be tasked to exhibit their skills every week based on individual strengths and preferred skills.

Ranging from dancing, singing, comedy, the contestants are ready to bring their A-game to the platform.

The talents will be allowed to bring a number of supporters to cheer them on during the live show.

As usual, eviction, which will be enforced by judges and public votes, is part of the competition.

Check out some videos from the audition below: