Uncle Ebo Whyte

Artistic Director and Lead Writer at Roverman Productions, James Ebo Whyte, has cautioned parents-in-law to treat their daughters-in-law well, particularly if they depend on her husband.

According to him, the benevolence of a man depends on the thoughtfulness of his wife.

Uncle Ebo Whyte said this when he appeared on TV3’s NewDay.

He said, “When you have a son who calls to check on you. It is because he has a good wife who is prompting him to check on you. ‘Have you called to check on your father?’, ‘Have you heard from your father this year?”

He noted that many wives send gifts to their husband’s families without disclosing the original source.

“There are men whose families think they are doing well because they send remittance home. What they don’t realise is that it comes from the woman in his name. So sometimes his calls call him and say, ‘Kwadwo thank you. We received your gift,’ then he is confused because quite often he does not know. So we have that reality, and yet we still go by the archaic mindset,” she said.