The Tema Traditional Council has expressed disappointment in the Ghana Navy following a deadly clash that clash two lives last Friday.

The shooting incident is said to have occurred during a procession on the final night of the Kplejoo celebration.

A group of jubilant youth blocked access and vandalised a vehicle carrying officers of the Eastern Command of the Ghana Navy, causing the occupants to fire gunshots to disperse the crowd.

In an interview on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Monday, the Stool Secretary, Nii Armah Somponu II stated the clash was uncalled for and avoidable.

“This is not the first time we are celebrating this festival or embarking on the process. So when the police even see us, they park their vehicle for us to pass so why couldn’t the navy do same?

“Besides the youth are saying there was no identification to show it was a Ghana Navy bus. I was nearly lynched and manhandled when I went to inquire about the incident at the Naval base,” he fumed.

He alleged that, there appears to be a frosty relationship between Tema Manhean residents and the Ghana Navy, stressing that it was not the first time such an incident had happened.

Nii Armah recalled the death of two fishermen in July 2023 while on an annual ritual expedition during the closed season and some naval officers crashed their vessel into their canoe.

“No responsible elder will ask the youth to fight the military. We have appealed to them to exercise restraint but they are not taking it lightly. Unfortunately, the two people who were killed were not even part of the procession but innocent people who were returning from work. So should we sit and watch them continue to do this to us?” he questioned.