The four children, who drowned at the beaches of British Komenda on Saturday, have been buried after a joint burial service.

The children, mostly teenagers, were put into a mass grave amidst tears from family members and residents.

The Central Regional town of British Komenda was thrown into a state of mourning following the drowning of the four teenagers on Saturday, October 2.

Sources say six children went swimming at an unauthorised place; that is an area believed to be the resting place of the sea god.

But while two of them were rescued and rushed to the hospital for treatment before being discharged, the rest drowned.

Central Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kwadwo Antwi Tabi, who visited the scene of the accident, indicated that two bodies were washed ashore that Saturday. One was washed ashore on Sunday while the remaining body was retrieved early Monday morning.

He said, “they are all mostly under 18 years of age- one is 15 years, two are 13 and the other is 20 years.”

DCOP Antwi Tabi said a lot more education ought to be done on the Covid-19 restrictions to get the people informed.

“I think there’s also the need for education because according to some of the parents and the assembly men, most of these people are illiterate and don’t know anything about the Covid-19 restrictions and measures put in place under the Covid-19 Restrictions Act,” he stated.

He said the people walk around without face masks and go swimming even when there are restrictions on such activities.

Assembly man for British Komenda, Albert Kwofie, tells JoyNews, the incident has taught them a painful lesson and they would work hard to forestall future occurrence.