A taxi driver has won the hearts of many social media users after he returned a fish monger’s ¢8,000.

The fish trader, according to reports, chartered the unknown driver last Friday and forgot her money in the car.

Upon seeing the money the following day, the driver decided to return it to the woman at her home where he dropped her off.

In a video published by Sir Alby on Twitter, about three women, including the victim had embraced the taxi driver while thanking him.

“We thank you, God,” one said.

Another added, “We haven’t slept all night. We are grateful you returned it, Sir. Thank you very much.”

Amidst loud cries, the fishmonger screamed, “God richly bless, Sir.”

Barely two hours after the video was shared, social media users could not help but praise the taxi driver.

The post has gotten over 650 retweets, 160 quote tweets and 1500 likes.

“God bless him, it’s not easy to do that thing this current economy. God bless him,” one twitter user commented.

“There good people in the world,” another noted.

A similar incident happened in Liberia in October 2021, where an 18-year-old motorcycle taxi rider found and returned $50,000 (£36,000) to a businesswoman who had lost the cash in the northeastern Nimba region.

President Weah met Emmanuel Tolue at a ceremony in the capital, Monrovia and offered him cash and an educational scholarship.

The motorcycle rider was also honoured as he became a national hero for his action.

In view of that, social media users called on President Akufo-Addo, to honour the unknown driver.

He also added that “I wish we could raise some ¢10,000 for this driver.”