One of the victims

Information available to suggests that the Tarkwa Divisional Police Command has arrested one person in connection with the attack on the family home of Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuaem MP, George Mireku Duker.

Suspect Robert Amoh, also known as Jator is said to be the lead attacker who almost butchered persons believed to be distant family members of the MP.

The MP’s who was said to have come under armed siege Saturday during the funeral of one of an elder of the town.

Hon Duker has exclusively confirmed the attack on his family home to, saying he had to hide to avoid being a victim of the attack.

The attack, he said was not staged on his personal home but his extended family home.

Those injured in the attack include a defenseless woman.

One of the victims

Why the Attack?

According to Hon Duker, there was a funeral in the area during which a teenage boy was accused of taking videos of happenings.

The boy, according to the MP was accosted and molested even though checks on his phone showed no prove that he had taken any photos.

As the beatings went on, the MP said someone from his family questioned the act, infuriating the boy’s attackers who went on a rampage to attack his family home.