Security Analyst, Adiib Saani has recommended doubling Ghana’s Police Force to accommodate potential challenges that may arise with the implementation of a 24-hour economy.

According to him, it is important to scrutinize the security aspects of this innovative economic model, as existing conversations have not adequately addressed potential loopholes in the scheme.

Currently, the police-to-citizen ratio stands at approximately 1 officer to 900 Ghanaians, while according to UN standards, this ratio should ideally be at least 1 officer to 500 citizens.

With the prospect of a 24-hour economy, Mr. Saani advocated for an augmentation of the police force to ensure the adequate handling of security issues that may emerge.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi TV, Mr. Saani recommended a shift towards electronic transactions to mitigate the risk of robbery attacks associated with carrying large sums of money at night.

He noted that as business activities extend into the night, electronic transactions can provide a safer alternative.

“Business transactions often involve carrying substantial amounts of money, especially in marketplaces, trading centres, and service-providing companies. With these activities extending into the night, adopting electronic means of conducting business can help avoid robberies in broad daylight,” he stated.

Despite advocating for electronic transactions, he also expressed concerns about the potential vulnerabilities the scheme may create for scammers.

He urged Ghanaians to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity to protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities.

“This shift to electronic transactions could create opportunities for scammers, and many people might become unsuspecting victims. Therefore, it is crucial for us to strengthen our cybersecurity practices as a society to safeguard against such instances,” Mr. Saani cautioned.