Intercity STC has been instructed to suspend its operations at the Asafo Lorry Terminal following the impasse between its management and VIP.

The instruction came up after representatives from VIP Bus company, STC, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and GPRTU met on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) in Kumasi.

Some members of STC and VIP clashed at the Asafo market on Monday when the former decided to relocate to the market to increase boost in its revenues after rebranding.

VIP prevented STC from loading its buses with passengers.

The Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah in a statement said the government will always support the private sector which is the engine of growth.

‘At this point, it is important to call for calm and peace at the Asafo Lorry Terminal. The Intercity STC will suspend the intended operation of its buses at the Asafo market terminal while the differences among the various groups in the area are resolved to bring peace to the Asafo terminal,’ the statement stated.

It came to light that the STC had not purchased any land at Asafo terminal but had the plans of partnering with the transport operators at the terminal in a bid to improve the new face of STC.


  1. Recently I visited Kumasi on my way from Accra to Tamale (December 2018). I already knew from earlier visits that there’s no central bus station in Kumasi. Instead bus companies have so-called transport yards scattered all over town. This time I was surprised about the way VIP buses have lined the Asafo street over a long stretch. Apparently the regional / local government allows the VIP bus company to use public space anyhow. To me the situation seemed even more disorderly and disorganised than before. For an outsider like me, it’s also difficult to understand the above story. Central in the story are the interests of the 2 companies, but nowhere the interests of the travelers are mentioned. Is the government not concerned about these? Apparently not. It seems very strange to me, because the travelers are also the voters.

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