Former President John Dramani Mahama in his Christmas message urged the citizenry to stay safe during the holidays.

Delivering an address, he cautioned all and sundry to take precautions amid the celebrations, adding the country needs its citizens alive to progress.

“For those who will be travelling please drive safely. For those who will be going to the beaches, especially with kids, please keep extra precaution.

“Your country Ghana needs you alive and well to participate in its building, this country is all we have and you are all this county has and all it needs to succeed,” he said.

He also urged the strict adherence to the covid-19 safety protocols, especially as the country has seen a spike in cases in recent times.

“Let us all endeavour to observe the Covid-19 protocols of social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitising our hands regularly. Even if you are vaccinated, it is important to adhere to the protocols.


“Let us remember to be physically active, remember to eat healthily, bearing in mind that your continued good health depends on it,” he added.

Mr Mahama further admonished Ghanaians to spread their love, aiming to do better in the new year and beyond.

“All too soon the year has also come to a close. Without a doubt, the year 2021 was eventful, but through all the glorious highs and heartbreaking lows we encountered, we can resoundingly say Ebenezer we thank God, for how far he has brought us,” he stated.