Yvonne Nelson exposes influencers who sell waist trainers and slimming teas

Actress Yvonne Nelson has taken a swipe at social media influencers who go a long way to promote waist trainers and slimming teas on their timelines.

According to her, there is no way these products will give ladies the curvy body they are after because “it never works that way”.

She explained that, apart from seeing a plastic surgeon, one can be curvy through their mothers’ genes or by visiting the gym but not through slimming teas and waist trainers that are continuously advertised by some celebrities online.


Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal, no slimming tea / waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI /snatched body. [SIC]

Stop letting these companies/influencers fool you. Two people, a doctor or your mum and one place , the gym can give you that body.

Check out the post below:

Slimming tea, waist trainers don't work - Yvonne Nelson 'exposes' influencers
Slimming tea, waist trainers don’t work – Yvonne Nelson ‘exposes’ influencers