Medikal gives Sister Derby a peck on the cheeks
Medikal gives Sister Derby a peck on the cheeks

African Mermaid, Sister Derby, has given reasons why she posted a cozy picture of herself with Medikal with the caption ‘sweet ex’ to wish the later a happy birthday.

According to the songstress, she was coerced by her fans to wish her now-married ex-boyfriend as a sign of positive relationship between them.

To make her fans happy, she decided to use the picture and caption to prove there is no bad blood between them despite how ugly their relationship ended.

“My fans were giving me pressure to wish him so I did it for my fans to be happy. Besides, it was his birthday and we are not enemies; I don’t hold grudges, I don’t keep negativity.


“Birthday is different from marriage and I know his birth date so wishing him was not a bad idea. I searched through my laptop and that was the cutest picture of us so I decided to use it,” she defended in an interview with Okay FM.

To Sister Derby, since she did not call him ‘bae or boo’ or a lover, she does not see any negativity with her post and holds no remorse.

She added that if she was invited to the ‘Medifui’ wedding, she would have graced the occasion to prove she has left everything behind and Medikal is indeed the ‘sweet ex’ she described him as.