Students of Zappa Secondary School in Asaba, Delta State allegedly attacked their teacher after getting ‘high’ on hard drugs.

The students were reported to have waylaid the teacher on his way home, beat him severely, resulting in a forehead injury.

According to sources, cops from the ‘A’ Division Police Station were immediately alerted and they arrested some pupils on the school premises.


Giving an account of the incident, activist, Victor Ojei, said: “Hard drugs are now being consumed by secondary school students in Delta State. These kids now take all forms of hard drugs and get intoxicated to start fighting their teachers.

According to him, school authorities are required to pay sum of N15,000 to receive support from the state government when cases of abuse are reported.

Furthermore, he advised State government to facilitate public schools with funding for intervention by  Police,  Anti-Cult groups Non Governmental Organizations.

“The Governor of Delta State needs to know that in 5 to 10 years time, crime rate will increase and there will be no peace if the state government fails to follow my advice or solution,” he said.