Musician Showboy has made a heartfelt plea to Ghanaians for support in his music career, acknowledging it as his escape from a past life of crime.

Formerly involved in fraud, kleptomania, and other criminal activities, Showboy is determined to turn his life around through his music.

In an emotional appeal, Showboy shared that he want to do a decent job, which is singing as he doesn’t want to be forced back into his old ways.

Currently on probation, Showboy expressed his desire to avoid actions that could lead him back to jail.

But, he lamented the lack of adequate job opportunities in Ghana, especially those that could sustain his accustomed lifestyle.

In an interview on Adom FM‘s Ofie Kwanso, he added that friends are helping him survive in the harsh economic climate of Ghana.

Despite his plea for support, Showboy made it clear that he will not beg any top-tier Ghanaian musicians for features to boost his career.

He revealed that during his prime, he had helped many artists who have now neglected him in his time of need.

Showboy is determined to achieve success through his own hard work, stating, “One day when I become a worldwide sensation, I hope no Ghanaian artiste will call me for a feature because I won’t grant any for anyone.”

Instead of seeking collaborations with local artists, Showboy expressed his ambition to work with international stars like 21 Savage and Drake, aiming to reach the highest standards in the music industry.