The man moving like a snake

A video of an unknown man has been making rounds on social media for being downright weird.

The short clip, which was uploaded by Twitter user @TboozeSA, shows a grown man slithering on the ground like a snake.

The man seemingly just got out of his BMW car, got on the ground, and started performing the unusual act while being recorded and watched by local metro officers who were on the scene.

In the video, the man slithers up to the police vehicle and then continues to writhe underneath the car.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user, @Gogo_Langa, shared another video of what looks to be the same man from the first video doing the exact same inexplicably crazy, snakelike movements nearby a different BMW car.

The whole thing left tweeps with many unanswered questions which left many of them coming up with possible reasons for this outrageous behavior some of which include witchcraft.

@CirusTheVirusH said: “Amaboys and their demands, yoh people will do anything to be rich.”

@AndileCS asked: “Is this like a new challenge or something?” While @Mbmukwevho joked: “But did they call SPCA?”

 Source: Yen