Bishop Daniel Obinim

Leader of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has opened up about the June 3 Circle disaster.

According to Obinim, he saved many victims spiritually during the disaster.

Bragging about his spiritual prowess to three of his junior pastors in a short video, Bishop Obinim said, Jesus prompted him about the twin disaster and tasked him to save his children.

Speaking in the Twi, he narrated: “I turned myself into a different person to save people, spiritually I turned into a different person and wore overall…I was sleeping when Jesus told me Obinim act fast, act fast, act fast to save people.

“I asked him why, and he replied there’s fire etc…So I locked my door and lied on my bed. My spirit left me and fast I went to Circle. When I got there, the fire was overwhelming. I saw only two church members…I acted fast to save them.


“But at a glance I saw a girl who was about to be burnt, then Jesus told me, she is not your child but she is a member of Dag Heward Mills. So save her because she’s a Christian. I acted fast and dived into the flood, held her at her back to pull her out…I worked for some people but they don’t know it is me,” he said.

In order to prove to his junior pastors that he was not lying to them, he reiterated that he is aware God will judge everyone one day, adding that, he’s only on earth for a special assignment.

Watch full video below: