Parliament has halted the approval of the Electoral Commission’s (EC) Constitutional Instrument (C.I. 126) laid before it to exclude the old voters identity card from the list of registration documents to be used in the compilation of the new Voters Register.

Parliament’s Subsidiary Legislation Committee on Wednesday voted to approve the EC’s controversial legislative instrument.

Reports indicate that, 21 out of the 25 committee members present at the meeting voted 12-9 in favour of the controversial C.I.

The C.I., which matures on Tuesday, was expected to be debated on and further approved by Parliament today, but was paused after the Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ibrahim Ahmed accused a ranking member of the committee of having edited the report.

Mr Speaker, committee ranking member Hon Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, has edited the report earlier submitted by Dr Dominic Aryine and subsequently approved by the Committee. So as it stands now the report is not yet ready [sic], he said.


But Mr Asamoah, who quickly reacted to the allegation by Mr Ahmed, insisted the report was ready awaiting the signature of Dr Dominic Aryine, chairman of the Committee.

Mr Ahmed’s allegation against Mr Asamoah was, however, affirmed by the Committee’s chairman on the Floor, forcing the Speaker to instruct the Committee to take a second look at the report for approval on Tuesday.