As February marks the month of love, Dancehall king Shatta Wale has shown affection to his male security guard in an unusual way.

Known legally as Charles Nii Armah Mensah, Shatta was captured planting a kiss on the lips of his bodyguard identified as Shatta Kumoji.

This is purported to be their special sign of loyalty in the Shatta Movement camp.

In the viral video, the two were exchanging pleasantries when Shatta grabbed his staff by the neck and locked lips with him.

In what seemed to be a normal interaction, Kumoji pulled Shatta back for a long brotherly hug.

After their display of affection, Shatta gifted his bodyguard a necklace as a token.

The kiss has generated a web of controversies, especially at a time when the conversation bordering on LGBTQ is still in motion.

While a faction of netizens believe Shatta is indirectly promoting the sexual community, others have defended it as an acceptable way of showing affection.

The defenders made reference to the sporting community where male players hug and share kisses on playfields.

The online banter has elevated Shatta Wale to number 1 on Twitter trend table in the last few hours.