Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has been captured kneeling and pleading with the sponsor of the recently-held Hogbetsotso festival in Volta Region, after he failed to show up for the event.

In a video shared by blogger, Ronnieiseverywhere, Shatta Wale was seen with Bola Ray, who was equally pleading with the organisers to forgive Shatta Wale for his actions despite penning a contract.

The dancehall musician, in an attempt to make a statement, after he was given the floor by Bola Ray, moved forward and took the knee as a sign of regret for failing to show up on stage.

But before he could finish off with his gesture, the executive director of Total Family Health Organisation and brand owner of Ebony Condoms, Joseph Addo-Yobo, asked the Shatta Movement boss to be upstanding.

On November 8, 2022, Shatta Wale in a Facebook live video explained why he couldn’t attend the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave in Tegbi, Volta Region.

According to him, he failed to show up because the agreed date for the event was miscommunicated to him, adding that, some clauses were breached.