A 48-year-old private security man, caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) stealing from a supermarket he guards, has been jailed two years by the Assin-Fosu District Court. 

The convict, Iddrisu Razack, confessed to have been stealing boxes of milk, soft drinks, biscuits, chocolate drinks, and tomato paste from the company for the past two years.  

He pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful entry and stealing and prayed the court, presided over by Mr Abdul Majid Illiasu, for leniency. 

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Gilbert Ayongo said Mr Benjamin Abban, the complainant, was an accountant with LAF Enterprise, a Nestle Ghana products wholesaler at Assin-Fosu in the Central Region. 

The company operates from one storey building complex, with three storerooms at the top floor serving as a warehouse and contains boxes of assorted wholesale food products of Nestle Ghana, while the down floor is the supermarket. 

The company had engaged salespersons who were given vans to sell their products across the Fosu Municipality and rendered accounts after daily sales, with the unsold items locked up in the van on the shop’s premises, prosecutor said. 

Razack took charge of the premises and locked up the shop and gate after daily activities, however, management kept recording series of shortages at the wholesale and in the vans. 

The management, therefore, alerted him to be on the lookout after which it did two months comprehensive stock taking, where management realised that goods worth GHC34,589.00 had been stolen. 

The items included ideal milk, soft drinks, biscuits, chocolate drinks, and tomato paste. 

On Thursday, July 7, prosecutor said management played back the CCTV footages on the premises, which captured Razack stealing from the shops, vans and warehouse and caused his arrest. 

Later, during investigations, he escorted the police to his house where they discovered all the afore mentioned items, prosecutor said. 

Razack then confessed to having stolen from the shop for two years to feed his family. He was charged accordingly.