James Agalga

A former Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga, has asked authorities of the Ghana Refugee Board to thoroughly screen the Burkinabes who are seeking asylum in Ghana.

According to him, the move will prevent the infiltration of terrorists.

“There is every cause for alarm because I worry that if care is not taken terrorists will take advantage of those who genuinely need help and are fleeing Burkina Faso to infiltrate.

“And when they do, it will be difficult for our security agencies to look out for these people and ensure that they do not wreak havoc for this country,” he told JoyNews on Monday.

Some thousands of Burkinabes reportedly fled their country last week, following gun attacks which have left some persons dead.

The foreigners sought refuge in communities including Bansi, Mognori, Sapeliga, Kutanga and Yarigungu in the Binduri, Bawku municipality and Bawku West district.

The Refugee Board has since dispatched a team to the area to assess the situation.

However, Mr Agalga believes government must do more to tighten security.

“It is a serious problem,” he emphasised.