A New-York based pastor has released a footage from a livestream of his church which captured a robbery during one of his services.

Identified as Bishop Lamor Whitehead, the pastor was addressing the congregation when the masked men numbering about five stormed the auditorium.

They ordered the congregants to go on the floor, before proceeding to rob all valuables and cash, while holding a few, including the pastor at gunpoint.

In a self-taken video after the robbery incident, Bishop Whitehead revealed the churchgoers collectively lost over $400,000 worth of jewelers.

He added that he and his wife also lost a huge sum as well as other valuables.

Speaking on the suspects, he said he has enough information on their identity.

This is because he secretly followed their white Mercedes CLE car when they exited the church after the robbery.

Bishop Whitehead explained that he noted the moment they quickly changed their outfits in the car and took off their masks before they left the scene.

The police have began investigations into the matter, as he appeals for more information that can lead to an arrest.

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