The Minority in Parliament has called on the government and President Nana Akufo-Addo to save the suffering masses now from the fuel price hikes.

Ghanaians wake up daily, if not hourly to see fuel prices upwardly adjusted and some are barely unable to cushion themselves.

The Minority in view of this is calling for a revamp and operationalisation of the Tema Oil Refinery that can give cheaper and sufficient petroleum products Ghana needs.

The Minority thinks Ghana can do something about the galloping fuel prices because it has exceeded more than four times the annual projected oil revenue, and is wondering why government is wickedly allowing Ghanaians to suffer.

Leading the Minority Caucus, the Mining and Energy Committee Ranking Member, John Jinapor, called for action now.


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“Government has made a lot of money in the energy sector so why are Ghanaians suffering? It’s so sad, citing, in the 2022 budget, government projected GHS6 billion for the entire year, but in 3 months, government has made in excess of GHS8 billion,” he remarked

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