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Finding out that your partner cheated on you always hurts, but it hurts even more when the person they were having an affair with was someone you knew.

One woman posted her story about how she found out that her husband had gotten her best friend since the second grade pregnant, and the heartbreak she felt as a result.

Her husband got her best friend pregnant when she was already months away from giving birth.

“She was my best friend since the 2nd grade,” she started the post that she said she would try to keep short. “We had been through everything together. My heart hurts so much.”

She outlines the lengths that their relationship has been through, and all of the tough times that she helped her best friend through.

“I remember I was there for her when her mom died, literally sobbing in my arms at 17,” she explained. “I’ve given her the clothes, food, shelter, during hard times. Recently she had [come] to stay again after being evicted due to not paying her rent.”

Her best friend had been living with them for a while because the wife said that she had congratulated her on her pregnancy.

The entire time she was with them, she ate dinner with them every night and even cleaned the house so that the pregnant wife wouldn’t have to strain herself.

“Come to find out yesterday, she took a pregnancy test. Told me to sit on the couch. I was confused [about] why she needed me to sit down but the look on her face told me everything,” she wrote.

“I asked her why. She said she didn’t know why she did it, maybe she was just too lonely and my husband was just “available’.”

The woman left the home that she shared with her husband and broke off a friendship that she had for years.

“I’m at a motel right now, feeling my baby kick. Husband keeps blowing up my phone, saying let’s ‘talk’,” she writes. “I don’t wanna talk. I’m calling my Dad in the morning to help me pack my stuff. He wants her so bad they can have that baby together.”

The heartbreak she feels is palpable, and the Redditors in the “r/TrueOffMyChest” comment section echo their sympathies for her pain, but also remind her not to lay all of the blame on her best friend.

“Your husband is also at fault here,” said one user. “It takes 2 people to have sex and [Lord] only knows what went through his head to have him do that.”

She posted an update letting people know that it’s also his fault but that it hurt more coming from her end.

“Obviously my husband is also at fault, I’m just more hurt about my best friend,” she writes. “I knew her way before I even knew what love was and she does this to me. I’m not just putting all the blame on her.”

The internet strangers share their own stories as well, to let her know that she’s not alone, and wish her luck in the months to come — especially considering she’s due in two.