Church of Satan
Church of Satan

 A young man, Olami Lekan was educated by “Satan” when he inquired about how to join the Illuminati so he could get rich easily.

Taking to his twitter account, the desperate Nigerian boy asked to be initiated into the secret society to acquire quick wealth.

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He asked, “Church of Satan, how do I join the illuminati? I wanna get rich!”

Contrary to what he was expecting, “Church of Satan”, believed to be the official twitter handle of the popular secret cult in a reply educated him on the real practices of the Illuminati.

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The reply read, “Illuminati basically means ‘enlightened’ so read a book, educate yourself and poof! You are now enlightened. As a bonus, educating yourself is also a good step towards getting a good job which can lead to getting rich. Good luck!

Check out the Tweet below

Source: | Abigail Bonney