An investment banker, a global business strategist and Development Economist, Dr Samuel Sarpong Ankrah, has officially announced his bid to run for the 2024 election as an independent candidate.

In a statement, Dr Ankrah said his message will dwell on the exposure of political gimmicks and falsehoods aimed at deceiving the citizenry.

With his campaign dubbed ‘No Masked promises’, he explained it will bridge the gap between promises made and promises kept.

“The No Masked Promises campaign is a transformative journey towards transparent and accountable leadership, and the driving philosophy behind my bid for the high office of the presidency of Ghana as an independent candidate.

“It is built on a commitment to reshape the political landscape for the betterment of Ghana through principles of truth, transparency, accountability, and civic responsibility. At the heart of the “No Masked Promises” campaign is a mission to unveil the truth behind political facades and a call to citizens to actively engage in the political process,” portions of the statement read.

He has among other things called on the youth to support his bid to drive transparency and accountability.

“It encourages them to voice their concerns and actively participate in holding leaders and political hopefuls accountable for their promises. As a seasoned economist and investment banker, I lead this movement with the belief that active civic responsibility and
engagement are fundamental to a thriving democracy,” he pledged.


Below is the full statement: