Vladimir Putin’s stalling invasion of Ukraine is suffering new blows as the Russian death toll rises to 17,000 without seizing any new territories, Kyiv has said.

According to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, today there has been ‘no significant change to Russian forces’ dispositions in the country’ over the last 24 hours, and Russia is still yet to capture any major city after a month of fighting.

They claimed ‘ongoing logistical shortages have been compounded by a continued lack of momentum and morale against the Russian military, and aggressive fighting by the Ukrainians’.

An elderly woman stands amid the rubble of a damaged apartment building in Kharkiv, which has suffered fresh air strikes

Kyiv’s ministry of defence said Russia has been forced to withdraw some units surrounding the capital after major losses.

The withdrawal has ‘significantly decreased’ the intensity of the advance on the city as Putin’s troops regroup in Belarus. 

Ukrainian deputy defence minister Hanna Malyar said: ‘As of today, the enemy is regrouping its forces, but they cannot advance anywhere in Ukraine.’ 

But the incessant strikes and fighting have left a huge toll on Ukraine, with the total cost of the war so far totalling £430billion, its economy minister said today.

Nearly 5,000 miles of roads and 10million square metres of housing have been destroyed in the month of fighting. 

Russia has gained most ground in the south near the city of Mariupol where heavy fighting continues as Russia attempts to capture the port.

The southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol (pictured) is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe and must be completely evacuated, its mayor said today

The besieged southern port city has been ‘turned to dust’ and is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, its mayor said today.

Mayor Vadym Boichenko said 160,000 civilians are trapped without power and must be completely evacuated. 

He said 26 evacuation buses are on standby but Putin’s men had not agreed to give them safe passage.