A ‘prodigal’ husband, who took to his heels when his wife was delivered of triplets, has found his way back home after she received financial help from Ghanaians.

The nursing mother was left stranded at the hospital for three weeks after delivery, and was left with no option than to appeal for funds for hospital bill and upkeep.

Adom TV/FM came to her rescue after they received hint of her touching story and led the appeal by airing her story.

The mother’s wish came true when Ghanaians and some staff of Adom FM/TV donated some monies and other items to ensure the triplets live comfortably.

After successful discharge from the hospital, the mother, together with her family were led to a well-furnished two-bedroom house acquired for them.

The runaway father, after receiving news of the intervention, made a speedy return home, with an explanation of traveling to his hometown at Breman.

Watch video below: