Rev. Isaac Owusu- Bempah

Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah, Founder of Glorious Word Power Ministries International, has finally disclosed how he makes money to fend for himself and his family.

In one of his latest interviews, the man of God said since he is a pastor people expect him to depend on his offertories to survive, but that is not the case.

According to him, he gets many cash presents and recalled how he was offered huge sums when churches were asked to close down during the peak of the Covid-19 in Ghana.


I don’t have any business. It’s only the church and in a week my expenses are more than the church’s offering.

I give away more things. When the churches closed down, I could get two billion and three billion a week.

People were giving it to me. So I don’t depend on people for money and I am not poor, he said in an interview on Neat FM.

Watch the video below: