Leadership of the Kumasi Ministers Fellowship says opening of churches and other religious installations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic should be gradual; at least for the next two weeks.

President Nana Akufo-Addo is tonight expected to address the nation on perhaps new direction on the restrictions imposed.

They have observed some churches in Kumasi have begun preparing to open in anticipation of the government’s lifting of the ban on social gathering.

But Chairperson of the Kumasi Ministers Fellowship, says the government should set up a team to inspect churches and other religious installations on their ability to accommodate and observe the protocols before allowing them to open.

Pastor Ransford Obeng told LUV FM’s Prince Appiah that the churches should be treated differently because not all the churches are fully prepared should the ban be lifted.

He recommended that churches must be given two weeks to prepare after which the government officials will inspect to ascertain whether they can open or not.

“My recommendation to the President is that, the reopening of churches should be gradual, he should give them at least two weeks, and let monitoring team to go to all churches that are prepared.

“They should then inspect what they have put in place and If they meet the criteria, then they give them the permission to start worshiping.”

Meanwhile, in the wake of calls to open churches for worship, the Calvary Charismatic Centre is to hold a day’s workshop on safety and proper adherence to the COVID-19 protocols for church leaders in Kumasi.

The workshop, which will be facilitated by the head pastor, Pastor Obeng, will bring health experts to speak to pastors.

The Church auditorium with a capacity of 3,000, will now take only 400 due to the reorganisation of its sitting and adherence to the six feet safety precaution.

Officials say this has resulted in a decision for the church to hold six services; two on Saturdays and four on Sundays.