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Renowned Islamic televangelist seeks wife for his son, lists unusual ‘specs’


Popular Indian Islamic televangelist, Zakir Naik, has taken to Facebook to seek for wife for his son.

The renowned non-Arabic scholar stated that he is looking for a virtuous Muslim girl of good character for his son Fariq, so they can be a source of guidance and strength to each other.

Naik, in the post shared on his verified Facebook page, said a father or relative of a girl who is eligible should respond to his request with the required information.

He listed 15 ‘pregnant’ requirements, nine which are non- negotiable and six which are optional.

Interested persons are to send their CV to his Whatsapp to apply, after which they will be interviewed.

He also posted 16 facts about his son, ranging from his educational background, Islamic achievements and extra curricular activities.

He wrote:

I am looking for a wife for my son Fariq, a virtuous Muslim Girl of good character, such that my son and his wife can be a source of guidance and strength for each other.

If you are the father or relative of a girl you think is eligible, and who agrees to look into this, I would humbly request you to respond to this post with the required information.

Some of the conditions listed on the post, which has garnered over 11,000 likes and 1,900 comments, include the girl being a practicing Muslim, abstaining from “haraam” activities, willing to lead a non-luxurious life, has a bachelor’s degree in any Islamic field, fluent in English, willing to settle in Malaysia, propagating Islam and many others.

Naik also attached some of his son’s achievements, a brief information of his mother, himself (Naik) and his son’s siblings.

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