Sylvester Ofori, murdered his wife, Barbara Tommey
Sylvester Ofori, murdered his wife, Barbara Tommey

Barely a week after Ghanaian pastor, Sylvester Ofori, shot and killed his wife, Barbara Tommey, ‘dark secrets’ of their marriage have come to light.

Sister of the deceased, Sophia, told Adom News the marriage hit rock bottom when Miss Tommey declined to give a nod to her husband’s alleged occultic agenda.

The pastor, who was steadfast in faith, is said to have made a sudden u-turn after a visit to Ghana to materialise his plans of constructing a church.

Sophia added he, together with a foreign couple he came with, traveled to Nzema in search of land, but returned with shocking tales about how they met a more powerful man of God.

“After his trip to the mountains, he came back and was spreading tales of how he met another pastor who was commanding fire to appear on the mountain. He was performing miracles, and since then his attitude changed,” she said on Hitz FM.

Impressed by the performance of the said pastor, Sophia claimed Pastor Ofori traveled to Ghana a year later, without the knowledge of his wife, to have more encounter with his senior counterpart.

Additionally, she alleged Pastor Ofori was initiated into occultism, but his wife found out after she traced his whereabouts.

All attempts to lure his wife, Barbara into the act proved futile, hence she had to move out of their home for three months after his threats became intense.

According to Sophia, another reason Barbara had to file for a divorce from her husband was that she was sexually starved, per the alleged command of the occultic masters.